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[24 Jun 2007|08:50pm]
Right, plans for 2007 were put on hold due to a possible international day. So far it hasn't happened, so as it's now winter, i'm of the mind to wait for warmer weather before the next one anyway.

I know it's annoying, but sometimes stuff happens and well... pneumonia is just not sexy, even in the undead. Warmer weather = less restricted costume options too! So it IS still happening, just in a few months. Which also opens up related possibilities to make it even better [zombie gig anyone?].

I'll post here again soon with updates and info. It'll happen. Patience, grasshopper!
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[19 Apr 2007|02:18pm]
Things are afoot - stay tuned!

More press. [31 May 2006|02:31am]
Luke Buckmaster gives us a great write-up!

And even more fantastic photos are here, thanks to Murray.

The lovely people at Beat have also printed a correction, and generated more print space [yay].

And last but not least, check this Sunday's Age for potential coverage.
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[28 May 2006|04:45pm]
Melbourne zombies speculate on the ABC Articulate blog.
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[25 May 2006|01:48pm]
This week's Beat features an article of the Shuffle, cheers to Gutter_Monkey for the scan! Despite an interesting inaccuracy, as i've suddenly been turned into a male Irish comedian [when did I get Transgendered Transformer powers?!] it's worth reading. :P
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Extra Braaains [24 May 2006|04:24pm]
Dave Callan has joined me as co-organiser for the next Zombie Shuffle, and yes - it will be bigger and somewhat different next time. The first was styled on previous flash mob type Zombie Walks [hence the short notice and word of mouth advertising] but due to the overwhelming [hard to gauge first time 'round with this sort of thing] response [yes, you!] we're going full throttle next time.

Thank you to everyone who emailed me offering help, but with two extra organisers helping me I feel we're right for now with what we're planning, of course suggestions and promotion are always welcome! As always, please email me here.


Want your Zombie Shuffle pictures iconised or cleaned up? A Shuffle participant, Ladystardust has kindly offered her skills to anyone needing help!

[22 May 2006|03:14pm]
Zombies in summer?

Wait for it...
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More photo links. [21 May 2006|03:10pm]
The official Melbourne Zombie Shuffle flickr group is here. It's easier to link to this than individual flickr sets but they're easy to get to.

There's another group that's been set up here.

We're rather popular! Yay!

There's non-flickr photos here: Two Pot Screamer.
and the MGF thread here.
Three pages here
And another 4 pages here.

Keep 'em coming people!

Will just add links as I get them to this post from now on, it's in the memories under 'photos' so I won't be clogging friend's pages constantly.

Edit the first:

And more [scroll to the bottom].
The zombie crossing gif in this set is awesome.
Zombie photobooth strip.
But wait... yes... more!
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[20 May 2006|10:11pm]
Another gallery here!
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THANKYOU EVERYONE [20 May 2006|06:15pm]
We had a count of 250+ zombified people by the time we made it to Flinder's St, and over 50 extra people tagging along sans costumes. Seemed to go off well, by the accounts i've had so far!

Anyone with photos, please email me the links at melbournezombieshuffle@gmail.com if I can link to them here, some of mine are here, meanwhile, the first batches from others i've found are: here.
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Raaaaain? [19 May 2006|04:11pm]
In case of rain tomorrow. Hmm. Apparently there's a chance of morning showers only, but if it's actually bucketing down in the afternoon I guess it's off, unless we want to go for that sexy drowned zombie rat look.
If it's not ridiculous and just sprinkling by then, then umbrellas would be a good idea. Let's hope for no rain by 2 though!

It's tomorrow! Yay! See you all there!

And remember, traffic laws still apply to the undead! The Walks so far have had great press and feedback by the accounts i've read, either in AU or international - so let's keep up the good tradition, shall we?
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Route [15 May 2006|11:50pm]

Dave Callan's costume suggestions [15 May 2006|01:41pm]
Comedian and Triple JJJ presenter Dave Callan offers some costume ideas for those still undecided:

Zombie Village People – We need people who will commit (handlebar mo’s for the biker, and yes, a 3/4 nude indian)

Zombie hospital staff and patients

Zombie Hari Krishnas

Zombie koala bucket collectors

Zombie viking – why the hell not

Zombie 80’s tennis players complete with headbands and long socks

If you know any burly african guys a squad of Zombie Black Panthers

Zombie ninjas

A zombie Marching band complete with brass section and drum majorettes (oh fuckin please)

I reckon we also need one each of the following:

A zombie werewolf

A zombie vampire

A zombie mummy
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[15 May 2006|12:08pm]
While it's awesome that so many people have expressed interest - please, if you have ideas for/want a post-shuffle gatherings - organise them! Between the Shuffle, three jobs and my study load, i'm flat-out! :)
There is, however, an after-life party at an alternative club in the city if you're still in zombie mode at 11pm, anything else is up to you! :P

flyerCollapse )

Media has been alerted, route is being posted asap, fear not - if it's not posted doesn't mean it's not being dealt with. This does not mean we don't welcome suggestions, of course, any help is much appreciated!
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[14 May 2006|10:54pm]
Someone asked an excellent question so i'm putting to you guys - anyone happy to help out the cosmetically disadvantaged or know others that can, and are willing to rock up a wee bit earlier [say 1pm] to help zombify people?
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[04 May 2006|03:21am]
Another flyer! This one hand drawn for us! Awww. Please link/print and spread the word!

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First flyer - please repost everywhere! [03 May 2006|02:04am]

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Zombie picket sign suggestions [02 May 2006|01:34pm]
Some are appropriated from previous Zombie Walks, but if you're up for making a picket sign, don't f@$# with the classics... go nuts!

"The Undead were people, too!"

"What do we want?"
"When do we want it?"


"I feast upon the flesh of the living, and I vote"

"I'm Post-Life and I vote!"

"Grave rights for gay vegetarian zombies!"

"Don't Tax Our Brains!"

"Fresh Brains For Rotting Corpses!"

Add your own?


Side note! If making signs, please make them small enough to be carried by a single person, we need to adhere to traffic laws and aim to make our procession as least intrusive on the general public as a horde of zombies can be.

Also a word on costumes - please resist any temptations to bring along or incorporate real or realistic looking weapons! :)
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Makeup ideas [01 May 2006|05:08pm]
Here and here!
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Melbourne Zombie Shuffle! [01 May 2006|03:41pm]
Toronto did it, Ottawa did it, a lot of other places too, apparently, Brisbane and Sydney got infected, now the virus is spreading to us!

The Melbourne Zombie Shuffle will be held on Saturday, the 20th Of May. Meet in the Carlton Gardens [near the Exhibition Building] at 2pm in zombie gear and prepare to shuffle, lurch, and stumble through the city [respectfully!] on a designated route.

More details [and flyer to help spread the word!] to follow very, very shortly!

Email: melbournezombieshuffle@gmail.com
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